Power Allocation in Two-Hop Amplify-and-Forward MIMO Relay Systems with QoS Requirements

December 12, 2011
EE Conference Room
Speaker: Luca Sanguinetti


The problem of minimizing the total power consumption while satisfying different quality-of-service (QoS) requirements in a two-hop multiple-input multiple-output network with a single non-regenerative relay is considered. As shown by Y. Rong, the optimal processing matrices for both linear and non-linear transceiver architectures lead to the diagonalization of the source-relay-destination channel so that the power minimization problem reduces to properly allocating the available power over the established links. Unfortunately, finding the solution of this problem is numerically difficult as it is not in a convex form. To overcome this difficulty, existing solutions rely on the computation of upper- and lower-bounds that are either hard to obtain or require the relaxation of the QoS constraints. In this work, a novel approach is devised for both the linear and non-linear transceiver architectures, which allows to closely approximate the solutions of the non-convex power allocation problems with the solutions of convex problems easy to compute in closed-form by means of multi-step procedures of reduced complexity. Computer simulations are used to assess the performance of the proposed algorithms and to make comparisons with alternatives.

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