2016-2017 OSA\SPIE Officers

President Christine Chen
As chapter president, she supports the idea of student outreach, lasers, and ice cream for members.

Vice President Peter Bullen
Peter is conducting research on nonlinear optical devices for integrated optical circuits. He enjoys teaching people about the physics of light and building interactive demos. Outside of physics, he practices swing dancing, rock climbing, saxophone, and martial arts.

Secretary Rajinder Singh-Moon
Rajinder is a PhD candidate in Electrical Engineering. His research focuses on the design and development of optical spectroscopy catheters for real-time tissue diagnosis and guidance of rhythm disorder treatment.

Treasurer Nathan Abrams
Nathan Abrams is pursuing his Ph.D. in Professor Keren Bergman's Lightwave Research Laboratory. His research focus is systems centered around silicon photonic devices. Nathan received his BS from Columbia in 2014. He is from the Seattle area, and outside of research enjoys ultimate frisbee and soccer.

Social Chair Yi Lin
Yi is a PhD candidate in Applied Physics. He applies femtosecond laser and UHV techniques to reveal novel transicent dynamics of 2D physical system. Besides physics, he also practices vocal musical performance and photography.


OSA advisor Keren Bergman
Keren Bergman is the Charles Batchelor Professor of Electrical Engineering at Columbia University.

SPIE advisor Christine P. Hendon
Christine Hendon is an assistant professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering. Her research interests are in developing optical imaging and spectroscopy instruments.