NX Client Configuration

ILAB Remote Access using NoMachine 4 Windows Client

  1. If you do not already have an ilab account email troubleATee.columbia.edu and request an account.
  2. Download the ilab.key file from your home directory on one of the ilab hosts, using winscp, available from here: http://winscp.net/eng/download.php
  3. Open winscp and connect to remote.ee.columbia.edu as one of the host names. Your username is your EE account username as is your password.
  4. The right pane lists the contents of your home directory and the left pane should contain your documents directory. Please copy the ilab.key file from the right pane to the left.
  5. Download and install the nomachine client from nomachine.com
  6. Open the nomachine client and create a new connection
  7. Select protocol 'ssh' , then click continue
  8. Host can be either remote.ee.columbia.edu, remote1.ee.columbia.edu, or micro1.ilab.columbia.edu – micro31.ilab.columbia.edu click continue
  9. Select use nomachine login, click continue
  10. Select use alternate server key, click continue
  11. Browse to the path of the ilab.key file you downloaded and click 'ok'
  12. Select 'Do not use proxy', then click continue
  13. Connect
  14. Click, create a new GNOME virtual desktop
  15. Hit Ok until a new desktop shows up.
  16. To change the screen resolution inside the session please go to Preferences-> screen resolution.

ILAB Remote Access Using NoMachine version 4 for Mac

  1. Go to http://www.nomachine.com and download Nomachine remote access client.
  2. Open package and run the installer
  3. Download the ilab.key file
    • Open a terminal and type sftp username@remote.ee.columbia.edu where username is your username on the ilab computers, and enter your password. Check current remote directory with pwd and local directory with lpwd
    • Type get ilab.key to obtain the key.
  4. Run Nomachine and click “create new connection.” Set protocol to SSH and host to micro1.ilab.columbia.edu – micro31.ilab.columbia.edu, remote.ee.columbia.edu or remote1.ee.columbia.edu (# is the number of the machine you wish to access). Set port to 22, and security to password authentication.
  5. When selecting the login options, make sure to click “Use Nomachine Login.” In the login settings choose “Use alternate server key” and select the ilab.key file you downloaded in step (3).
  6. Now you can login by clicking on the profile you made in Nomachine. Click “Create a new GNOME Virtual Desktop.” You should be able to view the Linux desktop. The resolution can be improved from within the session using preferences->screen resolution.

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