MATLAB Resources

Need more information about a MATLAB-related topic? Check out the following resources:


MATLAB Documentation

Mathworks provides complete documentation for MATLAB, Simulink, and related toolboxes at this site.


Frequently Asked Questions about MATLAB.

MATLAB Tutorials

Numerous tutorials and instructional videos (both by Mathworks and others) are available at this site.

Numerical Computing with MATLAB

Cleve Moler, the inventor of MATLAB, has written a nice introductory book on using MATLAB to solve various mathematical and scientific problems. The entire book can be downloaded for free from this site.

Talk to Other Users

MATLAB Central

The main online watering hole of MATLAB users. Check out the open forum where you can interact with other MATLAB users (you will need to create an account to post questions and comments on the forum).

MATLAB IRC channel

The #matlab channel is an unofficial place for MATLAB users to discuss questions on IRC. Remember to use PasteBin if you wish to share/post code during a discussion!

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