Massive MIMO Full-duplex: Theory and Experiments

Date: 11:00am, April 24, 2017
Location: Costa Commons (CEPSR 750)
Speaker:  Ashutosh Sabharwal, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Rice University

Abstract: Full-duplex wireless, which allows nodes to send and receive simultaneously in the same frequency band, has gained recent attention due to multiple experimental demonstrations. In this talk, we will discuss new results in the development and analysis of full-duplex for Massive MIMO systems, including a new class of flexible architectures for realizing full-duplex capabilities in full-duplex Massive MIMO base-stations. We will use signal-space analysis to characterize the degree-of-freedom of proposed architecture, and then demonstrate achievable performance using Rice massive MIMO testbed, Argos (

Biography: Ashutosh Sabharwal is a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering in Rice University, Houston, Texas. He is the founder of WARP project (, an open-source project which is now in use at more than 125 research groups worldwide, and have been used by more than 250 research articles. His research has spanned both fundamental theory and experimental systems. He is a Fellow of IEEE for his contributions to the theory and experimentation in wireless systems and communications. These days, he is also working on a second research area and has founded the Rice Scalable Health Initiative (; the goal of the new initiative is both foundational research, and technology translation to make measurable impact in healthcare and wellness. Till day, his research has led to two commercial spinoffs, Mango Communications to commercialize WARP (, founded in 2008) & Cognita Labs to develop novel chronic care products (, founded in 2013), and inspired a third spinoff OcuCheck (, founded in 2015).

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