Part-time job opportunity in image processing

We are looking for a research programmer for an image forgery detection project. The work can be conducted through a part-time paid position at the GRA rate for a period of 3 months, or an advanced research project with credit points (e.g., ELEN E6001 or 6002).

Objective: To implement a speed-optimized software for the image forgery detection algorithms developed in our group. It is a web-based engine for classifying authentic images and computer graphics images, for a
trustfoto project. This engine will test an image submitted by a web user and classify it as real or fake (computer graphics images), within an acceptable response time.

Requirements: The programmer should have knowledge on C/C++ programming and web server side script programming (e.g. CGI, PHP or servlet). As this implementation is for interactive experiments, knowledge on code optimization and testing would be beneficial.

Contact: please send your CV to Tian-Tsong Ng (