Real-time Content Adaptive Video Streaming

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We have developed a real-time software system for filtering live video content and then adaptively streaming the video over resource limited networks or devices. The rate adaptation is content-based and dynamically varied according to the event structure and the video content. The system includes a content analysis module for detecting important segments in the video, a variable-rate encoding module, and a buffer management module for streaming the variable rate video over low bandwidth networks. We have implemented a prototype system, which performs real-time content detection and adaptation for tennis and baseball with promising results.


Professor Shih-Fu Chang

Di Zhong

Raj Kumar


S.-F. Chang, D. Zhong, and R. Kumar, Real-Time Content-Based Adaptive Streaming of Sports Video, IEEE Workshop on Content-Based Access to Video/Image Library, Hawaii, Dec. 2001. Also in Columbia University ADVENT Technical Report #121, July 2001. (PS.GZ/PDF)

D. Zhong and S.-F. Chang, Structure Analysis of Sports Video Using Domain Models, IEEE Conference on Multimedia and Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan, Aug. 22-25, 2001.


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