STELLA - Consumer Photo Clustering and Visualization

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An interactive framework for organizing personal digital image collections. We introduce the detection of bracketing (two or more photographs of the same subject, made using different aperture/speed settings), and a novel clustering algorithm (based on Ward's algorithm) to exploit image sequence information in each roll of film. Images within a roll of film (and accross rolls) are clustered hierarchically and presented to the user, who modifies the clusters to organize his collection.


Student Researchers: Alejandro Jaimes, Ana B. Benitez

Faculty: Prof. Shih-Fu Chang

Collaborators: Alexander C. Loui of Kodak

Contact: Shih-Fu Chang


A. Jaimes, S.-F. Chang and A. C. Loui, Duplicate Detection in Consumer Photography and News Video, ACM Multimedia 2002, Juan Les Pines, France, Dec. 2002.
(Paper: PDF)

A. Jaimes, A. B. Benitez, S.-F. Chang, and A. C. Loui, Discovering Recurrent Visual Semantics in Consumer Photographs, Proceedings of IEEE 2000 Conference on Image Processing (ICIP-2000), Invited Paper on Special Session on Semantic Feature Extraction in Consumer Contents, Vancouver, Canada, Sep 10-13, 2000.
(Paper: PDF)

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