A User Study for Understanding Dimension of Interest of Consumer Video

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The interest of users in organizing and accessing consumer videos is analyzed in this research. We propose relevant Dimensions Of Interest (DOI) and models to predict the user interest for each DOI using audio-visual features. In particular, we distinguish between the importance of objects (main character or entity), scenes (composition or aggregate of objects) and events (action or change in state of objects) in consumer videos from user's perspective.

We also present a taxonomy of relevant concepts for each DOI tailored to consumer video domain. Our contributions are backed with extensive data and a user study. Real users were asked to score the importance of each DOI from 1 to 3, and, to annotate video clips using the taxonomy or free text. The results show high consistency (about 70%) and independence of the object, scene and event scores confirming their suitability as basic DOIs. In addition, these scores can be accurately predicted using simple models based on heuristic rules and neural networks, which demonstrate the potential of the DOIs for improving consumer video applications.

In the subjective study, viewers are asked to mark the importance of different DOI dimensions and assign semantic class labels to each consumer video clip based on the proposed concept taxonomy. Click here to see a snapshot of the user interface.


Ryoma Oami

Ana Belen Benitez

Prof. Shih-Fu Chang

Dr. Nevenka Dimitrova








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