Description of a Single Multimedia Document

Ana B. Benitez, Jose M. Martinez, Hawley Rising and Philippe Salembier


MPEG-7 provides description tools for describing one multimedia document. Multimedia documents supported by MPEG-7 are not only typical audiovisual documents such as image, videos, audio sequences and audiovisual sequences but also special types of multimedia documents such as ink content, MPEG-4 presentations and Web pages with different media (e.g. images and text). These tools are applicable to multimedia content of any format including digital and analog multimedia content. In this chapter, we present the MPEG-7 tools that describe the management, structure and semantics of a single multimedia document. The management tools describe the creation, media and usage of the content. The structural tools describe spatial and/or temporal segments of multimedia content, their attributes and the relationships among them. Examples of segments are still regions in images and a set of frames in videos. The semantic tools describe semantic entities in narrative worlds depicted by multimedia content together with their attributes and the relationships among them. Examples of semantic entities are objects, events and concepts. The tools described in this chapter use tools that are described in other chapters of the book such as audio description tools, video description tools, basic description tools and collection description tools. Some of these tools can also describe certain aspects of multimedia collections such as the creation date, the media format and rights information, among others.