Ana B. Benitez, Hawley Rising, Corinne Jrgensen, Ricardo Leonardi, Alesandro Bugatti, Koiti Hasida, Rajiv Mehrotra, A. Murat Tekalp, Ahmet Ekin, Toby Walker


In this paper, we present the tools standardized by MPEG-7 for describing the semantics of multimedia. In particular, we focus on the Abstraction Model, entities, attributes and relations of MPEG-7 semantic descriptions. MPEG-7 tools can describe the semantics of specific instances of multimedia such as one image or video segment but can also generalize these descriptions either to multiple instances of multimedia or to a set of semantic descriptions. The key components of MPEG-7 semantic descriptions are semantic entities such as objects and events, attributes of these entities such as labels and properties, and, finally, relations of these entities such as an object being the patient of an event. The descriptive power and usability of these tools has been demonstrated in numerous experiments and applications, these make them key candidates to enable intelligent applications that deal with multimedia at human levels.