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VisGenie is a generic video based information visualization system on computers running Microsoft Windows operating systems. capable of rendering video data in a manner suitable for the research / development purpose instead of entertainment, and visualizing the associated metadata streams. For this purpose VisGenie provides three basic functions.

Firstly, it offers extreme convenience to build up demos with multimedia visualization support from a bunch of aspects, such as media rendering, curves, objects, images, browsers, and 3D scenes. All of these can be finished by merely mouse clicking and dragging.

Secondly, VisGenie provide its own SDK so that you can create video analysis platforms or build up prototype products instantly. VisGenie also provide integrated support for Visual C++ and Matlab to create "VisGenie+VC" or "VisGenie+Matlab" projects. These features release you from the tedious system framework construction, improve the working efficiency significantly, and let you focus more on the kernel parts of your creative missions.

Lastly, for advanced users, it is possible to customize VisGenie, such as modify current visualization components or even create your own components, to satisfy the particular requirement of you. All of these make VisGenie a convenient, powerful, and flexible video information visualization system.

We believe the researchers / developers from the following areas can benefit a lot from using VisGenie: image processing, computer vision, machine learning, pattern recognition, video coding, transcoding, retrieval, understanding, management, etc.

The latest
VisGenie release can be obtained for FREE from the download page.


  1. Yong Wang
  2. Lexing Xie
  3. Professor Shih-Fu Chang



Y. Wang , L. Xie, S.-F. Chang, VisGenie: a Generic Video Visualization System. Columbia University ADVENT Technical Report #210-2005-4, 2005.


  1. Detailed research description page for VisGenie project


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