AMOS - An Active MPEG-4 Object Segmentation System
Di Zhong and Shih-Fu Chang

AMOS is an active object segmentation and tracking system for general video sources. It combines low level automatic region segmentation with an active method for defining and tracking high-level semantic video objects.The system allows users to identify a semantic object (e.g., by MOUSE) in the starting frame of a video shot. The object is defined by a outline polygon whose vertices and edges are roughly along the desired object boundary. Users can then start the object tracking process by specifying a few parameters (or using dafault ones). At any frame, users may stop the tracking process to refine the object boundary, change the tracking parameters, and resume the tracking process. The tracking process contains two stages: an initial object segmentation stage where the user input is used to create a semantic object with underlying homogeneous regions; and an object tracking stage where homogeneous regions and the object are tracked through successive frames. The input video format can be ppm sequences or MPEG compressed format. The system output generates a binary-mask file (in the PGM format) for the tracked object at each frame.

The AMOS system has the following main unique features: Click to Download AMOS Package

The system is developed in Java language on Sun Solaris 2.5 and Windows NT 4.0. It requires following software packages. In addition, the system uses the mpeg2decode from MPEG Software Simulation Group to decode frames from MPEG video sequences. Compiled decoders (i.e. executable binary files) for Sun Solaris and WINNT are included in this distribution.

Detailed explanation of the system and segmentation algorithms can be found in reference papers.