Letter from the Chair

Prof. Keren BergmanElectrical Engineering has brought us today's high-tech world, and here at Columbia's Electrical Engineering Department we are continuing to push forward the frontiers of what can be done with devices, circuits, systems, signals, and information.  Our department combines top-tier research with a rigorous and vibrant learning environment for all our students, and we are proud of the balance we provide between the many aspects of EE -- both theoretical and practical, and between traditional and emerging fields. We aim to produce graduates who are excellently prepared for careers within and beyond EE.

We offer degrees at BS, MS, and PhD/DES level, both in core EE and through our Computer Engineering program, offered jointly with the Computer Science department. The BS program offers a rounded foundation in EE, with depth specializations in photonics & devices, circuits & electronics, signals & systems, and communications & networking.  In all areas, we stress a hands-on approach, with theoretical material strongly motivated by practical experience. Our MS program is highly flexible to accommodate each individual's needs, while offering the chance to study the newest and most important EE topics in depth.

The Ph.D. program offers the opportunity to work closely with our world-renowned faculty, and introduces students to a career of advanced research in either an academic or industrial setting.

Building on our long and illustrious history including the founders of modern radio communications, control engineering, and multimedia coding, Columbia Electrical Engineering is a world-class center of research and learning. I invite you to find out more.

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Prof. Keren Bergman, Department Chair

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