Internship Report Guidelines


The internship report should not exceed three double spaced typed pages in MS Word format and MUST be submitted online by the student no later than the date assigned by the advising faculty member.

Margins should be standard and font should be at 12 point in Times, Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri.

Students should write the report using the section headings below as a guidelines and can introduce each section with the heading. Please ensure you follow the length requirements noted.

All reports should include page numbers and a header with the student’s name. All files should be uploaded using the following naming convention:




Report Sections

  1. Introduction
    Make an introduction about your internship and briefly describe what’s discussed in different parts of the report. This is a brief overview.

    LENGTH SUGGESTION: 1- 2 paragraphs.

  2. Company Description
    Describe the company and the department you worked in. This can include company structure, history, products and services offered by the company etc. You can of course research this on the company website or other materials but this must be written in your own words.

    LENGTH SUGGESTION: 1- 2 paragraphs.

  3. Background of the problem and project
    The remainder of the report should be in your own words. This should describe the project/projects undertaken by you. If you spent time learning hardware of software, you can briefly describe those tools in here. Your description should include the scope, methods and tools used. If there are/were multiple projects you can make different subsections for different projects undertaken during the internship. These should be done with a clear header.

    LENGTH SUGGESTION: 2 - 3 paragraphs.

  4. Summary and Concluding Remarks
    Summarize the results in the projects undertaken during the internship outlining the parts you completed and contributed to. Also include your personal views about the company, people, and the work environment. Describe what you learned during this practice or how it was useful for you. You can include practical, theoretical, interpersonal and team and leadership skills.

    LENGTH SUGGESTION: 2 - 3 paragraphs.

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