How to Incorporate Your Research Into an Interview

  • At minimum, you should go into an interview knowing what the company does (products and/or services), where the company is located, who the company’s customers are, and a basic job description
  • Incorporate your research into your questions to be asked at the end of your interview. However, be careful how you address negative or sensitive issues, such as a recent SEC investigation or a management shakeup
  • Incorporate your research into your answers. Your research has likely led you to discover a particular company’s values and management philosophy. Be sure to emphasize this information when formulating your answers, and demonstrate how your values and goals are aligned with those of the company
  • Use your research to develop enthusiasm and excitement about a particular industry or company. For example, why do you find the financial field exciting? What is it about the pharmaceutical industry that excites you? Why do you like design engineering as opposed to manufacturing or construction?

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