Fall 2014 Required Texts List

Course # Instructor Title Author Publisher
ELEN E1101 D. Vallancourt

Digital Information Age: Intro. to Electrical Engineering

Code: the Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software



Cengage Learning

Microsoft Press

ELEN E1201 D. Vallancourt

Electrical Engineering: Principles and Applications, 6th Ed.

First Lab in Circuits and Electronics





ELEN E3201 C. Zukowski

The Analysis and Design of Linear Circuits

Thomas Wiley
ELEN E4312 T. Dickson Microelectronic Circuits, 6th Ed. Sedra Oxford
ELEN E4411 R. Osgood Fundamentals of Photonics
Saleh Wiley
ELEN E4488 C. Hendon Optics, 4th Ed.
Hecht Pearson
ELEN E4702 Y. Sun Communication Systems Engineering, 2nd Ed.
Proakis Prentice Hall
ELEN E4750 Z. Kostic Programming Massively Parallel Processors Kirk Morgan Kauffman
ELEN E4944 R. Laibowitz Microchip Manufacturing
Wolf Lattice Press
ELEN E6920 M. Seok VLSI Digital Signal Processing Systems: Design and Implementation (Recommended) Parhi Wiley

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