Fall 2002 Required Texts List

Course# Instructor Title Author Publisher
EE E3000 R. Laibowitz TBA    
EE E3043 W. Wang No Text    
EE E3081 P. Kinget A First Lab in Circuits and Electronics Tsividis Wiley
EE E3082 D. Rubenstein A First Lab in Circuits and Electronics Tsividis Wiley
EE E3106 K. Bergman Semiconductor Device Fundamentals,
Semiconductor Devices: Physics and Technology
Addison Wesley
John Wiley & Sons
EE E3201 P. Kinget Circuits Carlson Thomson
EE E3203 A. Eleftheriadis Signal Processing & Linear Systems Lathi Oxford
EE E3701 E. Coffman Modern Digital and Analog Communication Systems, 3rd Edition Lathi Oxford
EE E3910 D. Rubenstein Logic and Computer Design Fundamentals, 2nd Edition Mano & Kime Prentice Hall
EE E3998 STAFF No Text    
EE E4011 A. Lazar Theoretical Neuroscience Dayon and Abott MIT Press
ECBM E4060 D. Anastassiou Matlab Student Version Release 12,
Essential Cell Biology
EE E4321 K. Shepard Digital Integrated Circuits Rabaey Pearson
EE E4401 P. Diament Wave Transmission and Fiber Optics Diament Macmillian/Online
EE E4411 J. Misewich Fundamentals of Photonics B. Saleh Wiley
EE E4501 A. Sen Class notes, sold at EE Department office    
EE E4810 D. Ellis Digital Signal Processing: Revised W/Disk S. Mitra McGraw-Hill
EE E6001 STAFF No Text    
EE E6201 A. Elfadel Linear System Theory and Design Chen Oxford
EE E6302 Y. Tsividis Operation and Modeling of the MOS Transistor, 2nd Edition, ISBN 0070655235 Tsividis McGraw-Hill
EEME E6601 R. Longman TBA    
EE E6711 A. Lazar Markov Chains: Gibbs Fields, Monte Carlo Simulation and Queues Bremaud Springer-Verlag
EE E6761 N. Maxemchuck Data Networks, 2nd Edition Bertsekas & Gallager Prentice Hall
EE E6850 S.F. Chang No Text    
EE E6880 X. Wang TBA    
EE E6950 P. Jelenkovic Wireless Communication: Principles and Practices
Wireless Multimedia Communications
Prentice Hall

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