Digitally Assisted A/D Converters and Sensor Interface Circuit

March 9, 2007
Time: 12:00pm-2:00pm
InterSchool Lab, 7th Floor CEPSR
Hosted by: Columbia Integrated System Laboratory (CISL)
Speaker: Prof. Boris Murmann, Stanford University


Low-power data conversion has evolved as a key requirement in many modern electronic devices. Our work targets the development of a new class of ultra-low power "digitally assisted" ADCs. These converters are based on minimalistic, but power efficient analog sub-circuits and use digital processing for performance recovery and/or enhancement. Preliminary results presented in the first part of this talk indicate that this approach may deliver order-of-magnitude improvements in power efficiency. The second part of this presentation outlines our research activities in circuit design for MEMS and sensor interfaces. Specific highlights include a digitally assisted, low-drift MEMS accelerometer and MEMS-based resonators.

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