Beyond 60GHz – CMOS Circuits and Techniques for More Bandwidth, Power and Efficiency

May 30, 2014
Location: 414 CEPSR
Speaker: Dr. Eran Socher, Senior Lecturer, Tel Aviv University
Host: Harish Krishnaswamy


With 60 GHz CMOS circuits going into products and devices that keep scaling, CMOS can now operate at 100 GHz and beyond. However, operating near or above the transistor ft/fmax and the dominant parasitics poses a major challenge for traditional circuit topologies. In this talk several techniques for generating and detecting signals at short millimeter wave frequencies with high output power, wide bandwidth and high efficiency will be discussed, including a Colpitts oscillator, the use of harmonics and multi-band architectures. Interfacing the chip at these frequencies through on-chip antennas and transitions will also be discussed. Examples of measured devices working up to 340 GHz and data rates of up to 20 GBps will be presented.

Speaker Bio

Eran SocherDr. Eran Socher is the head of the High Frequency Integrated Circuits Lab at Tel Aviv University. He received his degrees in Physics and EE (Summa Cum Laude) at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. After spending two years at UCLA as a visiting assistant professor he joined Tel Aviv University in 2008, where his research focuses on mm-wave CMOS circuits for high speed communication and imaging. He is the recipient of several teaching and research awards, including the 2008 HPCA Best paper award and the 2011 TAU Rector prize for best teaching.

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