2017 Fall Electrical Engineering Seminars

High-Capacity Optical and Millimeter- Wave Wireless Communications using Multiplexing of Multiple Orbital-Angular- Momentum Beams

December 8, 2017
Davis Auditorium, CEPSR 412
Speaker:  Alan Willner, Chair, University of Southern California

A multi-modality CMOS cellular interfacing array for holistic cellular characterizations and cell-based drug screening

November 30, 2017
Engineering Terrace 252
Speaker: Prof. Hua Wang

EE/CS Networking Seminar hosted by CS Systems: Neal Cardwell - Google Software Engineer

November 21, 2017
CS Conference room
Speaker: Neal Cardwell, Google Software Engineer

A System-Level Approach to Secure and Spectrum-Aware Wireless Communications

November 17, 2017
Hamilton 509
Speaker:  Dr. Rabia Tugce Yazicigil

Some Optimizaiton Problems in Smart Grids

November 3, 2017
Costa Commons, CEPSR 750
Speaker: Prof. Steven Low, Dept. of EE Caltech


CS/EE Networking Seminar: From Random to Optimal: Emergence of Optimal Paths through Reinforced Random Walks

November 2, 2017
CS Conference Room
Speaker: Daniel Ratton Figueiredo, Department of Computer and Systems Engineering (PESC/COPPE) The Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), Brazil

Internet of Things X Machine Learning

October 20, 2017
EE Conference Room, MUDD 1306
Speaker: Prof. Mingoo Seok, Columbia University. 

Threshold-based monitoring of cascading outages with PMUs

October 20, 2017
Speaker: Dr. Atena Darvishi, New York Power Authority

Statistical Signal Processing of Extreme Attenuation Measurements Taken by Commercial Microwave Links for Rain Monitoring

October 13, 2017
EE Conference Room, MUDD 1306
Speaker: Jonathan Ostrometzky, Tel Aviv University

The Columbia 2017 Forum: Electrified Transportation - Challenges and Future Trends

October 6, 2017
8:30am - 5:00pm
Davis Auditorium, 530 West 120th St

Systems for Everyone, Data for You - Challenges in Serving a Billion Smartphone Users

October 6, 2017
EE Conference Room (Mudd 1306)
Speaker:  Wonsuk Lee, Vice President Mobile Communication Division, Samsung Electronics 

Insensitivity of the Mean Field of Loss Systems under Randomized SQ(d) Algorithms

September 15, 2017
EE Conference Room (Mudd 1306)
Speaker:  Prof. Ravi R. Mazumdar, ECE Department, University of Waterloo

Layered Secrecy on Broadcast Networks

September 12, 2017
Davis Auditorium, CEPSR 412
Speaker:  Shlomo Shamai, Professor, Technion

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